The Howling Eye (Extreme)

Gruda Extreme

The Howling Eye (Extreme) is a level 50 trial that requires the player to defeat Garuda (Extreme). It requires a full party of 8 players and average item level (iLevel) of 65 and above. To unlock the trial, player must be on the quest Galeforce Warning and should have completed Primal Nature and defeated Titan (Hard).

Players can start the questline by talking to Urianger at The Waking Sands (x6,y6).

Phase 1: ranged Dps and heals in center, main tank tanks Garuda at North, dps Garuda until she casts vortex, hide behind rock and wait for phase 2.

Special Note: the raining feathers will always cast at random around the main tank, staying away from the main tank when Garuda jumps will mean you Dodge the feathers. This fight records positions the instant a spell is cast, not the instant the animation goes off.

Phase 2: Main Tank Tank Garuda so she is facing North wall of vortex, plumes spawn, dps all plumes fast, healers can go cleric as it is not a healing phase at all really, priority is satin then plumes then Garuda, once on Garuda make sure to put heavy dps on her since she will jump a second time if you can't. If you can't get her to 75% health before she jumps your dps needs more gear before they can do the fight.
Healers can still dps up until Chirada and Suparna spawn. Once they spawn main tank takes Suparna and Garuda to North wall, off tank takes Suparna to South wall. Dps down Chirada first, off tank takes Suparna off main tank, one healer can go cleric at this point, heavy dps on Suparna, failure to kill Suparna at recogning results in a wipe. Once Suparna is down dps on Garuda and prepare for recogning

Special note: tanks, after every friction cast Garuda will cast wicked wheel, after friction melee dps away from Garuda and tank prepares defensive buffs, (minimum of 1 defensive buff excluding defiance / sheild oath) if Garuda and Suparna both cast friction simultaneously they will both cast wicked wheel next, prepare with 2 defensive buffs. If your under 6k as pally / 7.5K war prepare 2 buffs for 1 wicked wheel and 3 for 2 just to be safe.

Phase 3: all in center stack behind Garuda, mage l1 limit break if available, otherwise save for melee l3. Off tank pull spiney plume away from the rest of the plumes and dps it to around 20% health, aoe rest of plumes without touching spiney plume then put out as much dps as possible on Garuda as this will be the only phase the group will have to Dps down Garuda. Once off tank has 2 stacks of wind debuff main tank take spiney off off tank. When Garuda jumps Dps down spiney wait for red aoe to go off then run to spiney ASAP and stay in bubble and prepare for aoe and P4

P4: off tank grabs Chirada and goes to South East, melee Dps follow, main tank grabs Suparna and Garuda and goes to North West, ranged and heals can go to either North East or south west. Off tank grabs spiney first and at 2 stacks main tank takes it off. Dps down Chirada Suparna Garuda in that order. Once Garuda jumps kill spiney and run to bubble and prepare for phase 3 again, rince and repeat until Garuda is dead.


Nightmare Whistle - an item used to summon the Nightmare Mount
Xanthos Whistle - an item used to summoner the Xanthos mount

Vortex Ring of Aiming Ring 50 90 Bard Dexterity +13, Critical Hit Rate +11, Skill Speed +16

Vortex Ring of Casting Ring 50 90 Black Mage
Summoner Intelligence +13, Determination +8, Accuracy +16

Vortex Ring of Fending Ring 50 90 Warrior
Paladin Vitality +15, Critical Hit Rate +11, Determination +11

Vortex Ring of Healing Ring 50 90 White Mage
Scholar Mind +13, Spell Speed +11, Determination +11

Vortex Ring of Slaying Ring 50 90 Dragoon
Monk Strength +13, Accuracy +11, Critical Hit Rate +16